Empowerment, Inspiration for Change, Support for Change Are You Having “Palate Fatigue?” Written by: Kathy Caprino

Yesterday, I met with a new friend, JoAnn LoGiurato, Founder of Dancing on Grapes (http://www.dancingongrapes.com), who delivers empowering, educational (and totally fun!) programs and events designed to educate and empower women in their knowledge and experiences of wine.


We were discussing something wine-enthusiasts call “palate fatigue” – which describes an experience of being saturated with one taste, when all of sudden all wines begins to taste the same.  Reportedly, researchers believe it’s your brain, not your palate, that’s growing weary, and it’s time to take break from the repeated experience.


I realized the minute Jo mentioned “palate fatigue” that I’ve experienced this many times throughout my life — not with wine, but with many aspects of my full life experience, including jobs, relationships, dilemmas, perspectives, illnesses, and more.  There are times I’ve woken up and said, “That’s it!  I’ve had enough of this.  It’s all feeling the same, and I long for something different, something fresh, something more.”


In fact, I’m going through palate fatigue today – I’ve awakened to a feeling of “sameness” in my work and my focus that needs to be shifted.  While I know that my coaching helps people achieve breakthrough and move towards their compelling life visions, truth be told, I’m fatigued (and didn’t really know it until now) from suppressing other dimensions of who I am and what I care deeply about– the spiritual dimension. 


I realized (as if awaking from a dream) that to feel completely alive and authentic for me today means to take a break from how I’m living and working, and becoming more open with my commitment to helping people chart their lives using their own spiritual guidance and intuition.  I have never resonated with coaches, consultants, healers, and other service providers who claim to know better than the client – I prefer instead a more open approach that acknowledges the power of the individual to tap into their own wisdom and become the true expert of their lives.  Helping clients finally hear and follow their own internal, spiritual guidance is the fresh experience I’m longing for.  In this way, individuals can become their own highest authority for their lifetime, which paves the way for true passion power, and purpose in life and work.


So, I’m trying this new direction and it’s wonderful! – I’m offering new programs that enliven and connect to the spirit, and folks want it.  Finally, a new experience to taste and sink my teeth into!


Are you experiencing palate fatigue, saturated with one dimension of your life today that makes you long for something different, something more?


If so, change up your menu of experiences.  Take a break from the repetition of your life as it has been.  Rest, restore, and rejuvenate.  Then, bring in a new dimension of yourself or new experience to drink in – something bolder, fresher, more alive – something that reflects who you are today – out loud and confidently — not what you were in the past.


Ask yourself, “What have I grown saturated and fatigued with these days, and what shall I do about it?”


Here’s to palate invigoration!