Advice, Inspiration for Change, Support for Change Trying Too Hard to Succeed? Slow Down and Breathe Written by: Kathy Caprino

I’ve been on a fascinating journey in the past few months, since winning the CT award from the Make Mine a Million Dollar Business program (from Count Me In).  While it was a major catalyst for me to step up and grow my business tactically and strategically, I see now that I’ve also been flitting around like a “hummingbird,” quickly moving from suggestion to suggestion (from outside coaches, consultants and mentors) without taking the time to deeply reflect on how they relate to my own vision and what I really want.


The bottom line of all this (thanks go to my friend and great publicist, Patti Danos, for pointing this out): “Being open to others’ thoughts, ideas, recommendations, et al. is a great thing. Yet, at the same time, it can become a slippery slope and ultimately reach a point of diminishing returns.”


What sage thinking.  In these tough times, we’re all trying to do what’s best for our businesses, careers, and our lives, but it can feel like we’re on a bit of never-ending hamster wheel ride, can’t it?


I’m going to follow my own advice (from my book Breakdown, Breakthrough).  Starting tonight, I’m going to:


  • Step Back – (and breathe) to gain my OWN empowered perspective (no more outside views for the time being!)
  • Let Go – of the fear that I’ve been messing up and need to fix it
  • Say Yes – to my internal hunches and intuition about what’s right, and what’s wrong for me and my business.

 Ah…I feel much better just committing to those three tiny steps. 


How ’bout you…feeling like a hummingbird, flitting to and fro trying desperately to fix things, or figure them out?


Please join me in a full week of Stepping Back, Letting Go, and Saying Yes.  And let us know how it goes for you, stepping off the wheel for a while.