Branding What’s Your Brand? Written by: Kathy Caprino

Greetings!  As I move forward growing my coaching and consulting business, Ellia Communications, I’ve realized I need some outside help around branding.  I want “Ellia” to reach people, grab them from the insides, and communicate powerfully the “central organizing principle” that defines what my company is and who most benefits from its services and offerings.


As a new small business owner and one who has an expansive future vision, these questions are not as easy to tackle as you would think.  Coming forward in the world and putting your stake in the ground about what you do and why you’re special doing it, takes a great deal of courage and clarity.  As my branding consultant, Robert Friedman of Fearless Branding ( just shared, “It’s a hero’s journey, owning your own small business.”  Amen to that. 


One thing I’ve realized in this process is that it’s professional women whom I love to serve, and serve most passionately.  (There…I said it!  No take-backs, Kathy.) 


Knowing the woman’s hero journey best, I feel most powerful and effective in guiding women to be all they wish to be.  I certainly help men through my coaching and seminars, and enjoy it immensely, but my strongest drive at this time is to be a catalyst for women’s growth –  to serve as a wake-up call and create a breakthrough movement for working women in America. 


I’ve understood too that what I am in this moment is not what I’ll always be.  (That’s today’s breakthrough for me.)  It’s important to remember as you’re developing your own personal brand that you’ll undoubtedly expand beyond what you see and feel today.  But first, you must accept fully your present vision and desires in order to actualize them.


So, whether you own your own business or not, let’s explore your personal brand.  Who are you in the world?  What is your “central organizing principle?” – the theme that threads through all that you are, do, and represent in the world? As Robert Friedman asked me, “What do you stand for?”  What feeling do you make possible in others that wasn’t possible before?


As I learn how better to communicate what Ellia means to me, I’ll share with you my bumps, challenges, learnings, and insights.  I’d love nothing better than help you (as I help myself) explore your own personal brand, and bring it forward in stunning ways.


To the hero’s journey!

All best wishes,