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In working on my book intensively these past few months, I’ve been acutely aware of something surprising. As many of you know, I’m writing about the typical crises professional women face today (12 crises of disempowerment, to be exact), and I’m realizing that:

1) I’ve experienced all of these crises, some at the same time, and several of them more than once
2) I’m in the middle of a few of them right now!

This realization made me stop in my tracks this week, and ask myself “How well can I help others if I’m still going through some of these very difficult dilemmas, and haven’t resolved them fully?

As I asked these questions, I had a bit of a “breakdown” – not a clinical breakdown, but a deep realization that there are several key aspects of my working life that still aren’t at all where I want them to be. This led to an urge to “break down” these problem areas to their core elements, their essential nature, and understand what’s truly going on at the most fundamental levels.

In breaking down to the basic elements what’s not successful or positive in my life, I somehow had a “breakthrough” – I allowed myself to fully feel the pain of what isn’t working and see clearly how my blocks are negatively impacting my life. Doing this hard inner work allowed me to gain acceptance of the pain, and by doing so, I could release it. In essence, I broke through. Not completely, not in all areas, but in a way that allowed movement — beautiful, powerful movement, that carried me safely past my blind spots to the other side, this time.

To help us all understand more about the process of breakdown to breakthrough, I’d love to hear from you about your particular life experiences:

1) When has breakdown led to breakthrough in your life?
2) What has needed to happen in your life for the breakthrough to occur?
3) What areas continue to challenge you the most? Where are you hoping for a breakthrough to happen?

I’m very grateful for your insights and thoughts. Thank you for sharing.

Wishing you a time of great movement and release.

All best,

2 thoughts on “Breakdown, Breakthrough”

  1. Deb from Massachusetts wrote:

    What I wanted to tell you is I LOVE the name of the book..really!! Cannot wait for it to come out and buy it for all the great women I know!

    So after 2 full years of working from my home office on a project for Whole Foods, I am thrilled to tell you that it’s finally launching Nationwide this month! I can pretty well tell you that without my vision and belief in myself being able to create, the project would have been dead a long time ago…I do not think I would have been able to sustain such a care free yet determined attitude if I had not made the “leap” I did 2 years ago..

    This project is not exactly as close to my heart as it’s original mission which was to help woman in impoverished countries to develop their entrepreneurial skills, but it still lights me up! I am working on products for the home that are sustainable and “green”….Things like recycled plastic kitchen tools, re-useable shopping bags made from recycled plastic bottles…etc.etc… The mission is still large, but just not a “soleful” as I intended…

    The greatest part is…I now know I can re-create myself anytime I want. There is now for me a “playfulness” about it all…I guess it helps me that I am not alone and my husband’s business is doing well, but it is a confidence I have in me…

    What I find now is my “breakdowns” come from wanting to create a marriage that’s as powerful as the rest of my life is….its not that easy…

    Thank you so much for your work and all you do for women!! Best of luck with your book!!

  2. Wonderful, Deb! Thanks so much for sharing. All blessings and best wishes for your nationwide project launch. And I have no doubt that you will indeed be helping women in impoverished countries very soon.


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