Feeling Your Best Do You Feel the Best During Your Birthday Month? Take this Survey… Written by: Kathy Caprino


I have a question for you, and I’d love to hear your answers. Can you help me answer this question?

Do you feel physically at your best and happiest during your birthday month each year? Yes or No

I ask this as June is my birthday month, and I have observed for years that I feel absolutely at my best physically and emotionally during this month, each year. I LOVE the weather, and so enjoy the coming of summer, the relaxation, restoration, fun, and all that June represents to me. My mood is definitely elevated during June, and I feel stronger, happier, and ready to take on anything.

I’ve been told by a wonderful astrologer I know that everyone feels most comfortable and at their best physically (with the weather and otherwise) during their birthday month, because that is time in which they emerged into physical form in this lifetime. It’s no coincidence that we resonate most closely with that time of year.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on whether this is true for you or not. Do you feel best during your birthday month? Do you feel your mood improve? Do you love the weather that your birthday month brings?

Please let me know your thoughts, and if this is your birthday month (and even if not), hope you ENJOY it to the fullest!!

All best wishes,

One thought on “Do You Feel the Best During Your Birthday Month? Take this Survey…”

  1. My birthday is at the end of August. I don’t feel best in August because I don’t like heat and humidity. But I do love September because I enjoy the start of the new school year, living vicariously through my children. And I love the weather in the fall. (But then, I tend to forget that with the cooler, wetter, weather, I get sinus infections!) September is quite close to August, so my answer can’t be a yes, but my favorite time is very close to my birthday month.

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