Close Your Power Gaps - Kathy Caprino

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Close Your Power Gaps


The Most Powerful You:
Close Your Power Gaps And Reach Your Highest, Most Thrilling Potential

This transformative training and speaking program is designed to support professional women of all levels (and the men and women who lead and manage them) to reach their highest and most fulfilling and rewarding potential.

The program focuses on helping professionals address and close the 7 most damaging power and confidence gaps that hold them back today from growing, thriving and leading successfully.

Drawing on Kathy’s latest , top-rated book — The Most Powerful You: 7 Bravery-Boosting Paths to Career Bliss (HarperCollins Leadership and Murdoch Books, July 2020) – this power-growth framework has been honed and developed through Kathy’s 16 years of coaching, consulting and leadership training with professionals across 26 countries and 6 continents – and through her work as a senior Forbes contributor, media source and speaker.

Based on experience as a senior executive in the corporate arena and her years as a marriage and family therapist and career & leadership coach — Kathy’s Power and Confidence Boost framework and model for change helps professional women around the world access more strength, influence, authority and impact so they can reach their highest potential and make the positive difference they long to.

In this program, Kathy explores what she has found to be the 7 most prevalent power and confidence gaps women face (including imposter syndrome), how these gaps emerged, and offers specific strategies, solutions and tips for closing those gaps once and for all.

The 7 power gaps are:

#1: Not Recognizing Your Special Talents, Abilities and Accomplishments

#2: Communicating from Fear Not strength

#3: Reluctance to Ask for What You Deserve

#4: Isolating from Influential Support

#5: Acquiescing Instead of Saying STOP! to Mistreatment

#6: Losing Sight of Your Thrilling Dream for the Future

#7: Allowing Past Trauma or Pain to Define You

In Kathy’s latest survey, 98% of those studied are facing at least one of these power gaps, and over 75% are experiencing 3 or more gaps at the same time. Here’s more:


The “antidote” or answer to these 7 power gaps are The 7 Brave Pathways to Career Bliss:









What happens when we embark on the 7 Brave Pathways to Career and Leadership Success?

If you truly want more success, reward, fulfillment and impact as a leader, manager, or individual contributor in your career or business, these pathways are essential to help you experience:

  • Increased support for your ideas and visions

  • Greater impact and better business results 

  • Stronger self-mastery

  • Healthier self-confidence

  • Enhanced communication and executive presence 

  • More satisfying and productive relationships

  • Increased leadership strength and authority

  • Greater self-trust, self-esteem and self-acceptance 

  • Happier, more rewarding and meaningful work that achieves (and exceeds) your heart- and value-aligned goals


It’s time we become the bravest, most impactful, effective and purpose-filled professionals we can be, so we can:


In meaningful, rewarding work you love and are proud of


The respect, recognition and money you deserve


Your natural talents and gifts in easy ways that are in joyful service of others


Heart-connected, healthy work relationships with people you respect and admire


Toxic relationships and overcome the imposter syndrome and fears of vulnerability so you can be yourself, and connect and communicate more authentically


And elevate yourself in your work, and support others to rise

(For more information, visit Kathy’s LIVE training course The Most Powerful You and her video training for individuals and organizations.)

The Key Takeaways from this program are:

  • What are the factors that contribute to developing these 7 power and confidence gaps
  • How are these gaps different for women vs. men and how do they keep us from happier, more successful lives and careers?
  • What are the most effective strategies for building more power and confidence in our work and our lives?
  • How do women address the push-back they receive when they are demonstrating confidence and assertiveness?
  • How can we communicate with authority and power while retaining our authentic style and approach to managing employees and other work relationships as we wish to?
  • What is the ONE most important step we can take today to access more power and influence, and why is that step so essential to our success?
  • How can we build stronger relationships and support to help us reach our highest and best visions and goals?
  • Finally, how can we identify our true purpose and leverage that purpose through our existing talents and abilities, to be in service of others and make the difference we long to?

This professional growth presentation/program guides participants through concrete approaches and strategies that will close these 7 gaps, and finally unlock the power, confidence and authority they need to experience success and influence in meaningful work they love.

The ultimate outcome?

This transformative power-boosting program will inspire and support participants to contribute with more confidence, self-esteem, influence and support — experiencing themselves as the true authors of their own lives and careers. And as they grow, work cultures positively shift as well.

Attendees will recognize more clearly their talents and abilities and begin to make a deeper positive impact with those talents, engaging in more meaningful work and helping others rise and thrive in the process.

And they’ll begin this “power breakthrough” process directly in the session.

Here’s what conference organizers are saying:

Kathy Caprino presented a one-hour webinar for the Alumni Learning Consortium titled How to Close Your Power and Confidence Gaps and Reach Your Highest Potential. This webinar was live-streamed to over two thousand alums from different colleges and universities nationwide. Kathy was easy to work with, provided quality content, and was extremely proactive in providing everything we needed. The feedback that we received was highly positive and spoke to Kathy’s professionalism. We would happily work with Kathy again and highly recommend her as a speaker/trainer who helps people build more successful and rewarding careers and professional lives.” – Julia Cutler – Operations Manager at Alumni Learning Consortium (PBC Guru) | November 2023

* * *

I had the pleasure of working with Kathy at the end of 2020 and I couldn’t recommend her more. Kathy in collaboration with The Diana Award delivered an empowering webinar on addressing your power gaps and reaching your highest potential to the young people who we support.
Kathy received wonderful feedback from all participants, a few of which I have highlighted below:

The speaker was excellent. So engaging and responded really well to the questions

– Kathy had a great personality to keep me engaged, also she touched on some points that I personally struggle with

-Kathy was an amazing speaker and it was definitely different to other motivational talks.

I look forward to working with Kathy again in the future!” – Saraniya Thayaparan – Programme Manager, The Diana Award, UK

* * *

“I work with a lot of speakers, from emerging to celebrity, and what any conference designer wants most is a sure bet. Kathy Caprino is a sure bet. She is professional and responsive leading up to an event and fully engaged while on site. Her audience at The Network of Executive Women’s (NEW) flagship Summit (hundreds of professional women) loved her relatable stories and her practical guidance on how they can identify, then fill the power gaps that stand between them and their highest potential. These days, it’s all about “the takeaway” as we can get inspiration anywhere and everywhere. Kathy understands this and she delivered. I would definitely hire Kathy again and can’t wait to read her book!”Tara Jaye Frank – Speaker, Equity Strategist and C-Suite Advisor, Founder at MORE THAN: A Movement. 

* * *

 “Boston University was lucky to have Kathy offer a professional development webinar for our alumni. Her presentation, titled “Close Your Power Gaps & Rock Your Career at the Highest Level” was simply fantastic. Her premise and supporting takeaways were clear, her delivery was on-point, and each message in her presentation was inspirational. I can’t recommend Kathy highly enough – anyone looking for a coach or speaker should get in touch with Kathy immediately.”Jeff Murphy, Alumni Relations, Boston University 

* * *

“I had the pleasure of working with Kathy on a webinar which she recently presented for National Association for Professional Women. The webinar was a huge success and the feedback from the hundreds of attendees has been amazing. Kathy’s enthusiasm and knowledge was immense and her willingness to provide guidance and ideas was appreciated by all. I look forward to working with Kathy again and have no hesitation in recommending her to organizations looking for a highly skilled speaker and to individuals looking for career guidance and assistance in personal growth.Russ Morrow, Senior Business Leader specializing ininternational events

* * *

“Kathy gave an ExecuNet Master Class presentation based on her wonderful new book to a large, riveted audience of women in senior-level executive roles. Her talk was generous, wise and heartfelt, and her central message was inspiring and motivating. Kathy has the kind of presence and energy that causes an audience to sit up, deeply feel the subject matter, and commit to action. It’s exactly what a speaker needs to do, and few do it quite so well.” – Anthony Vlahos –  Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Brand & Partnerships, ExecuNet

* * *

“Kathy was a guest speaker at an Ambition In Motion program where we discussed how college students, and all people for that matter, can practice networking in a genuine way. Kathy did an amazing job and made a huge impact on our community and I am extremely grateful to have hosted her as our guest. I highly recommend Kathy as a speaker and influencer.”
Garrett Mintz, Founder, Ambition in Motion

* * *

For more testimonials, visit Kathy’s LinkedIn profile, Praise for Kathy and Speaking page

* For more information about this program, or to explore having Kathy speak at your conference or event, please complete Kathy’s Speaker Request form. Her team will review and respond as soon as possible.