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9 out of 10 working women I’ve studied have shared with me that they are facing at least one of the 12 hidden work-life crises, and on average they’re having at least 3 crisis at the same time. And over half say they don’t know what to do about it. 

Of the women I’ve studied over the past 11 years:

8 out of 10 want more peace of mind in life

7 out of 10 want more passion, power, and purpose in life

6 out of 10 want more fulfillment in their career

6 out of 10 want more balance in life

One half wish to be in another line of work

7 out of 10 are facing a major turning point in their life

One of the most significant challenges for women today is the longing for true fulfillment and meaning – a life filled with passion, power, and purpose: doing what feels authentic and important, and achieving peace of mind and balance in the process.

The solution: We need help to access and honor our true spirits – to live and work authentically, powerfully, and in alignment with their deepest values and capabilities.

When you live your true spirit, you have a greater experience of:

  • Passion, power, and purpose in life and work
  • Authenticity and integrity
  • Feeling honored and valued and loved
  • Self-mastery to direct your life as you wish
  • Deep and mutually-satisfying connection to others
  • Seeing The Universe as friendly and supportive
  • Enriching the world around you, and allowing the world to enrich and support you
  • Fulfillment, joy, peace and balance in life and work

How Can We “Live Our True Spirits?”:

Kathy’s 6 Key Steps to Living Your True Spirit in Life and Work:

1. Trust yourself; Use your emotions and intuition to guide you

      Stop making yourself wrong.  Make yourself right about how you feel, and let your emotions and higher level intuition guide you as to what needs to change in life and work

2. Power Up and Speak Up

      Find new ways to power yourself up – get stronger, bolder and more confident in your life, relationships, and work.  Start speaking up and taking on what needs to be addressed – for yourself and others.

3. Become Who You Long to Be

      Determine who and what you want to be in life, and start being that person – in your beliefs, words and actions.  Stop making excuses for falling short.

4. Heal Yourself and Your Relationships

      Shift from rejection and pain to forgiveness, acceptance and compassion – of yourself and others.

5. Connect With Your Highest Self and Higher Level Support

Tap into your highest source of wisdom, guidance, and support.  Let your ego take a rest, and step into your higher power.

6. Build Your “Ideal” Life

      Identify the kind of life and work that would make you joyful and fulfilled, and create an action plan to begin living that life

Join Kathy’s 4-session coaching program to begin to live your true spirit today.