Advice, Breakthroughs, Inspiring Thoughts, Kathy Caprino, Living Real, social media, Tips for Empowerment What 30 Days On Twitter Taught Me Written by: Kathy Caprino

On April 26, I embarked on a 30-day Twitter Experiment, with an open heart and mind, excited to see what focusing intently on connecting through social media might bring.

 It was a wild 30 days, and it did bring with some amazing opportunities, as well as some new insights.

Here’s what I learned:

1) Real connection can’t be faked, bought, or sold.  If you connect to people from your heart, then benefits abound.  If you just “talk the talk” without authentic intention, however, it reveals itself quickly.

2) If you’re on the lookout for great things, great things come.  In these past thirty days, I’ve received requests for two radio interviews, a potential TV opportunity, several speaking gigs in Peru, great new participants in my Women Succeeding Abundantly research, two amazing new clients, and the list goes on.  These opportunities are not necessarily directly related to my being involved on Twitter more, but it’s all connected to putting yourself out there.

3)  When you’re clear about what you’re doing and what you want to come to you, you’re better able to filter out the noise and the unwanted (and there’s a lot of that too!).

4) The more you share, the more feedback you get, so you need strong boundaries that allow you to connect continually with who you really are, in the midst of lots of new energy.

5) It’s a heck of a lot more fun to be in community than to be alone (when you like your community!). 

6) If you think there’s not enough to go around (of anything – help, advice, support, friends, creativity, opportunities, work, gigs, money, etc.), it’s time to think again, and make some changes in your life.

7) The need to be very concise (140 characters!) about what’s happening in your life is a terrific challenge, and a great gift.  It makes you efficient at articulating only the meat.

 8) And finally, it’s a friendly universe – yes, struggles and pain are everywhere, but I’ve found that it’s a loving, compassionate and supportive universe, when you commit to seeing it that way.

I’d highly recommend doing your own 30-Day Twitter experiment, and sharing the results with your community.  Please let me know when you do it – I’d love to follow and learn from you!

Here’s to connection and community!