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Hi Friends –

So here’s the latest….Today, I embarked on a 30-day experiment in which I’m going to get on Twitter, tweet at least once a day (and looks like a lot more!) and watch what happens – in my life, work, clientele, family, relationships, business, community, and in my new research and book in development on Women Succeeding Abundantly.  Perhaps I’ll even learn something new about the way I view everything.

My friend Yamel Iglesias asked me today if the movie Julie and Julia inspired this tweetfest.  Interestingly, I did see the movie a few weeks ago, and LOVED it.  I loved how Julie, at a lost for what to do with her career that would bring her joy, decided to follow her heart and focus on what she truly loved (cooking and writing).  She began to blog about her daily experience of cooking through Julia Child’s book  Mastering The Art of French CookingNot knowing where it would take her, she just went with the experience, throwing it up in the air (or on the wall, like testing cooked spaghetti) to see what stuck.  

After seeing the movie, I thought of doing the same thing (blogging every day for a year) about my experiences in “writing to my angels” who give me regular information and insights that nourish and guide me (more about that another time), but I simply didn’t feel moved to commit to it for public consumption.

But after viewing Scott Stratten’s new video on Social Media Success for Non-Profits today, I got inspired to do a mini-experiment on Twitter  (To follow Scott’s work, visit and @UnMarketing on Twitter).  Following Scott has changed things for me – given me some new levity, humor and “breathing room” to not take everything so damn seriously.  So, I’m going to throw it all up on the wall, and see what sticks!

Hope you’ll follow my Twitter Experiment on @kathycaprino.  Day 1 was rather amazing, I must say.  From connecting with Scott (whom I truly admire), to delivering a talk for the CT Women’s Business Development Center and the Family Economic Security Program on work-life balance to a group of amazingly generous women, I truly can’t beat this day.  May the fun continue!

See you on Twitter for Day 2.