Empowerment, Feeling Your Best, Following Your Dreams, Inspiration for Change Feeling Like a Wobbly Beginner? Written by: Kathy Caprino
Happy Birthday Geminis!
Today’s my birthday, and I am particularly energized and excited about the possibilities on this special day, after a long bout of moving backwards or sideways (retrogrades tend to do that!).   But I’m not always feeling this confident and sure…there are other times when my lack of expertise and insecurity get the best of me.
Have you been feeling wobbly or less than competent in starting something new and unfamiliar?  Or are you struggling with what “should” be working but isn’t?  If so, read my latest newsletter for tips from the wonderful and inspiring coach Cheryl Richardson (thanks for sharing, Cheryl!) for dealing successfully with the “impostor” mode that all of us experience when we embark on a new beginning.
I remember when I was writing my first book Breakdown Breakthrough – I longed to arrive at the “expert” phase of having my own book.  I must laugh now (lovingly) because once the book was published, I was launched into the most extreme state of “beginner” that I’d ever faced!  Dealing with top media, learning to be a powerful advocate and spokesperson for working women…all of it was so important to me, yet I felt like such a newbie initially – I must say, it was highly uncomfortable and I couldn’t wait to stretch beyond it.
But as Cheryl points out, as we keep on keeping on, and receive support of those who believe in us unconditionally, we move through this “impostor” phase, and arrive on the other side confident about what we know, and open to admitting what we don’t.  I’m embarking on a new book now; but unlike before, I have a bit more of a clue about what I don’t know, and I’m fine with that!
Please share your comments and stories here of when you felt like a wobbly beginner, and how you progressed through that phase to Consciously (and Unconsciously) Competent!  We’d love to hear.
Keep on keeping on, o ye beginners!
Happy breakthroughs,