Empowerment, Following Your Dreams, Inspiration for Change, Support for Change The Power of Community for Women Written by: Kathy Caprino

This past Monday, I co-facilitated a stimulating seminar in Greenwich, CT with a colleague of mine and a great financial advisor, on Keys to Successful Career Transition: Personal and Financial Steps to Take in Times of Change, and something very powerful occurred. 


The group of women who attended – 8 in total – not only found a unique forum in which to openly share and explore their situations, but several of them were moved immediately afterwards to make dramatic changes in their lives, to take steps they’d dream of for months (even years), and also offer help to the other women who had attended.


I see this phenomenon frequently – women may feel completely stuck and alone (“broken down” as I call it) in their problems, but when they make the commitment to take a small step to help themselves – for instance, to attend a seminar or become “teachable” about what they could do to create movement in their lives – everything shifts.


Further, many women who choose to embark on the work necessary to create breakthrough in their own lives find themselves compelled to help others do the same.  Coming together in groups – whether it’s for support, networking, or learning – unleashes beautiful longings, dreams, and visions in women.  Community, authentic sharing and being open to learning are the keys to growth.


If you’re longing for breakthrough in your life, take a step today.  Find a group to participate in – a networking group, a class, a seminar, whatever appeals — and bring your open heart and your beginner’s mind to the experience.  A positive and powerful shift for you will occur there, if you embrace the possibility.


If you’ve dabbled with the idea of creating your own community group, I hope you’ll consider it seriously then take action.  If you long to do it, you’re meant to do it.  Please feel free to download my free Breakthrough Group Study Guide (based on my book Breakdown, Breakthrough), which will get you on your way to forming and facilitating a powerful community of like-minded women whom you can learn from, and support, to make the career and life changes you dream of.  And feel free to write me at Kathy@kathycaprino.com if the inner coach in you dreams of moving forward, and you need a bit of help to start.


Please take the step now – find or build your own community of women who are ready to create breakthrough today.