Empowerment, Feeling Your Best Advocating Real Beauty – From the Inside Out Written by: Kathy Caprino

As an advocate and spokesperson for women, and one who celebrates and honors the inner and outer beauty of real women (untouched and unabashed!), I’m thrilled to support DOVE’s new Visibly Smooth product launch.  


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What is natural beauty?  To me, it’s a shimmering radiance that glows from inside out, and emerges from a woman’s true experience of joy and fulfillment in life.  Natural beauty reflects that life is being lived full-tilt — authentically, confidently, and with great exuberance.


I see beauty in every woman – in the glint of her eyes, the crook of her smile, her shining hair, her raucous laugh, her outrageous curves.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, in our lifetimes, the media could shift so that it honors and celebrates inner and outer beauty as real women honestly experience it?


I applaud DOVE for attempting to create this shift, and for helping us appreciate the millions of facets of real beauty.


Have a beautiful day!