Advice Power Up! Stepping Up to Your Power and Self-Confidence Written by: Kathy Caprino

Greetings! In the past two months, I’ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of my clients who, as professional women, wish to “power up” in their work roles and in their family lives. They feel compelled to step up to their self-mastery, confidence, and authority – as women and as managers and leaders — and uncover exactly what holds them back from feeling 100% solid in their own strength. And most importantly, they want to overcome these power gaps.

I’ve looked at my particular coaching process in helping women, and realize that one key focus is to conduct a full, diagnostic “power scan” – exploring the client’s communication, beliefs, behaviors, body language, assumptions, patterns, and actions, etc. – to discover where they are less than powerful, less than self-reliant. Once we see these gaps together clearly, we then embark on a powering-up course – to close and heal those power gaps. What an exciting journey it is!

In conducting my power scan with individuals and groups, I look at seven key power domains:

What is the hierarchical structure in place (overt and non-overt), and where do you feel powerful (or disempowered) within that structure

What do your communication processes reveal about you, in relation to yourself, others, and your context (the organization and the world)? How can your communication processes be shifted to elicit more positive power, respect and authority?

Which relationships are central to you, in life and work? Which are generating power, and which are draining you of your power and self-esteem. Where is conflict present and how can it be resolved for increased self-power?

Core Beliefs/Assumptions
What are your core beliefs about your worth, value, contribution, skills, and talents? Which beliefs reveal a need for shifting to increase power and self-trust?

Processing of Experience
How do you “process” the negative and positive events that occur in your life? How can seemingly “negative” experiences be reframed to create room for growth and empowerment?

Utilization of Natural Talents
Are the talents and skills that you use to succeed in your role a natural fit for you? If not, what can be done to bring your natural skills and talents (those that you love to use) forward, in alignment with your current and future roles.

Personal Mission Aligned with Professional Goals
What is your life purpose and mission, and how is it aligned with your professional focus and goals? Where is the “and” between what your work demands with what you truly want?

If you feel a deep longing to increase your power and control, I’d recommend exploring the above power domains as they relate to your life and work. Where do you feel fabulously powerful? And where do you feel unsure, confused, or overwhelmed? Take the time now to discern where your power gaps lie – doing so starts you on a very enlivening power-up journey.