Inspiration for Change A New Day Written by: Kathy Caprino

From my view, yesterday was a miraculous day, making possible a great shifting on many levels.  In full and intensive view was not only President Obama and what he stands for personally and politically, but also a living manifestation —  a visual role model — of the power of undying hope, determination, faith, dedication and self-actualization powered by generations.   We’ve seen before our eyes what self-determination can bring forth, and it’s an awesome thing to behold.


To witness (and participate in) a hero’s journey in our lifetime changes us.  In my 48 years, I personally have never been so moved and inspired as I was yesterday.  Today I feel renewed and exhilarated, and am reminded again that this is a life of possibility – not an “either-or” life but an “everything” life, where what you dream of can indeed be created, not overnight, and not the moment we wish it, but in time.


What possibilities are newly born in you today, and how can you begin to make them a reality in your life?