Yes I Can Thinking New Year’s Resolution or Soulful Commitment? Written by: Kathy Caprino

Happy New Year’s Eve!


I’m not a fan of the concept of New Year’s resolutions.  It seems that these “resolutions” are somehow now associated with failure…the things we wanted to do in the new year but didn’t quite manage to achieve.


Let’s not make resolutions this year.  Let’s make commitments, heart-and-soul intentions that we’ll find a way to achieve, come hell or high water.  In the end, it’s the process of dedicating ourselves to these dreams and goals that matters and changes our lives, so let’s do it—together.


Here’s one heart-and-soul commitment I’m dedicating myself to …I’m letting go of worry, as best I can.  Worry has eaten away at me for years, and I’m tired of it.  I’m giving it up.  I’m starting today in the process of tuning myself like a tuning fork.  Each morning as I awaken, I’m tuning myself to the vibration of well-being, peace, and carefree calm.  It feels good to vibrate at this level…it makes me want more of it.


So out with the resolutions, and in with soulful commitments.  Mine is to internal peace and harmony, and letting my worries go.  What’s yours?


Here’s to happy breakthroughs and soulful intentions that change our lives.


Happy New Year to you and yours!