Achieving True Work-Life Balance - Kathy Caprino

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Achieving True Work-Life Balance

5 Core Steps to Generating More Work-Life Balance, Fulfillment and Control Over Your Life

Do you think work-life balance is impossible to attain today? Think again! Work-life balance IS possible, but only after you decide what matters most to you in life.

  • Are you feeling that juggling all your professional responsibilities with your role as mother and spouse seems virtually impossible?
  • Do you find time for everyone else, but not for yourself?
  • Are you exhausted and worn out from all that’s on your plate?
  • Is saying “No” challenging?
  • Are you longing for greater fulfillment, joy, and balance in your work-life, and want empowering support to achieve it?

In this enlivening and transformative seminar, Kathy shares her take on what true work-life balance is for today’s women, based on her work and research with hundreds of working women across the country. She offers vital information on the key factors that contribute to — and help women overcome – the top challenge they face today – balancing work with family and outside life in a healthy, positive, and productive manner. This seminar helps women create a pathway to achieve more peace, joy and fulfillment in their family and home lives as balanced with what they want to achieve in their professional lives, based on their unique values, needs, and priorities.

Balance is possible, Kathy believes, only when women power up and step up to claim it for themselves. Drawing on findings from her national research, and her groundbreaking book Breakdown, Breakthrough, Kathy presents new information on the most powerful ways to overcome this deep challenge of being who we want to be for our families, children and our communities while at the same time crafting a meaningful career and fulfilling professional life as well. If you feel like balance is impossible right now, and you’re letting down everyone and everything that matters most to you, you’ll love this program!

Challenges you’ll learn how to overcome include:

  • Finding your power and voice
  • Discovering your passion and purpose in work and family life
  • Prioritizing what really matters to you and saying “no” to what doesn’t
  • Strengthening your courage, boundaries, and capabilities
  • Gaining support from your spouse, family, friends, and co-workers
  • Learning how to let go of overfunctioning and perfectionism
  • Determining what your ideal life looks like, and begin the process of creating it

With live, on-the-spot coaching from Kathy, and her experiential, proven-effective exercises and material, you will move from “I can’t balance life and work!” to “I know what I want and know the steps to get there!”

Attendees of this seminar will:

  • Understand what’s contributing to your current situation
  • Establish a new empowered mindset to shape your life with more balance, fulfillment and control
  • Learn at least five strategies that will empower, expand, and enliven you
  • Leave with concrete “to-dos” and an exciting roadmap for creating greater balance in life and work.

Kathy also shares her personal story of reinvention — from chronically-ill and miserable corporate VP to supremely fulfilled (and balanced) women’s coach, author, and speaker. Take this special opportunity to jump off the hamster wheel, and begin to shape your life and work as you truly want it.