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Career Breakthrough Coaching and Executive/Leadership Development Programs

Kathy Caprino, M.A. offers a wide array of career coaching and consulting services, executive and leadership growth programs, career development courses, resources and assessments dedicated to helping professional women advance and break through to the highest level of success, reward and fulfillment in their careers and professional lives.

Learn more about each of my career coaching, teaching and training programs, below.


Online Amazing Career Transformation Video Training and Course

The Amazing Career Project
Design, Create and Implement Your Ultimate Career in 4 Months
(Limit: 40 members per session)

brave-up-life-mastery-program-1Held only twice a year, the 16-week Amazing Career Project career transformation online course is your one-stop shop for significantly accelerating and elevating your career with both group and individualized career coaching support and training. In this four month online program, limited to 40 members each session, Kathy offers 16 weeks of powerful training videos, homework, resources, open “office hours” calls, and more – guiding you through the 16 critical steps necessary to recognize what you want to create and build in your career and leadership influence, and make it a reality.

You’ll learn powerful new techniques, strategies and action steps — plus a 5-phase proven career growth process – drawing on the best thought leadership available to build a more rewarding and impactful career, without costly errors, missteps and detours. You’ll heal from past trauma at work, and learn the steps to take to gain more power, impact, leadership strength and authority, to thrive in your next chapter of life and work. With access to Kathy’s expert support and training resources, weekly one-hour coaching calls, plus the option to receive additional private, one-on-one help  at a significant discount, the Amazing Career Project teaches essential steps to dramatically improve and advance your career in as little as four short months.

Tap into your amazing talents and passions, and achieve the career bliss you long for.

CLICK HERE to learn more about The Amazing Career Project course and how to create your happiest career fast.

Want to learn how to build an Amazing Career at your own pace, independently?
If you prefer an independent study approach to learning the 16 most essential steps to building your best and happiest career, check out my Amazing Career Project 16-part video training series. CLICK HERE to learn more and register.


Kathy’s Private, Hands-On Career Coaching & Consulting Programs for professional women – Get the expert help you need to stretch higher, advance powerfully, build your confidence, and reach your most thrilling professional goals and impact

Private coaching programs with Kathy are available on a limited basis. To determine if we’re a good fit for a private coaching program together, please review this page and complete the form.

Ready to dive in and understand who you are and your most burning desire for life and work — and achieve it — like never before? A private, one-on-one career coaching/consulting program with Kathy is the most powerful and focused way to get to the heart of what you want in your professional life, and make it a reality.

In each session, Kathy draws on her 18 years of experience as a corporate executive, her insights as a trained marriage and family therapist, and over a decade of career growth coaching and proprietary research on women’s career success, to help you take practical and doable steps to improve your career in the most effective way possible. Here, Kathy takes her clients on a dive deep that enables them to leverage their professional accomplishments, speak powerfully about their contributions, gain clarity on their passions, talents, and goals, and build an empowering action plan to achieve their most thrilling career goals.

Drawing on her 15 years of experience coaching and advising over 15,000 women, and her own highly successful career reinvention, you’ll receive the transformational help you need to create the career success, reward and impact you long for.

Kathy’s signature private career coaching programs include (click the blue links below for more info):


To succeed at the highest level and reach our most rewarding potential, we need clarity about who we are, what we’re capable of, and what we really want. And to move forward, we need the confidence and bravery to honor those visions and capabilities.

In this one-hour breakthrough session, Kathy will help you “peel the onion” to identify more clearly your most burning goals and career longings, and also recognize what’s currently in the way of achieving those goals.

You’ll learn if you’re facing any of the 7 damaging “power gaps” women are experiencing in their careers, and receive recommendations based on your in-depth responses to Kathy’s signature Career Path Self-Assessment, Power Gap Survey and Action Style Quiz, which allow for a deep dive into recognizing your special talents, values, goals and non-negotiables. In just one hour, Kathy will help you uncover — and move beyond — the current blocks in the way of building the ultimate career you dream of.

Drawing on Kathy’s training as a former corporate executive, trained marriage and family therapist, Senior Forbes contributor, women’s researcher and career coach/consultant/advisor, this one hour together will help you see yourself and your ultimate visions– and the most effective steps to get to these visions–in a new way that will transform your career journey.

For more information visit Kathy’s Career Consultation. This program is available for first-time clients only.


Are you needing some powerful guidance and expert coaching to jumpstart your career success and happiness in the fastest, most direct way possible? Whether you are considering a pivot to a new direction, or wish to create more success and impact in your current career, working with Kathy in this jumpstart program will get you moving fast in the right direction.

Kathy’s proven “jumpstart” approach draws on her well-researched five-step model for accelerating career growth. Working together, you’ll have Kathy in your corner to help you make the best decisions and career moves to ensure your work aligns with your core values and honors your authentic goals and visions while bringing greater impact, reward and success along with it.

For more information, visit Jumpstart Your Career Success.


This program offers six in-depth career coaching, advising and consulting calls over six months to support a true breakthrough in your career and your leadership capabilities. Together, we’ll focus on expanding your leadership, managerial, entrepreneurial and professional growth, and helping you “find brave” and close your power gaps to achieve the highest level of success and reward.

For more information about additional private coaching programs from Kathy that help you build your thought leadership, power up your LinkedIn presence, or evaluate the best next step in your career, please complete this form.


Ready to become more powerful, confident, and self-assured in your work-life? This is the place to find direct, effective support to do that.

So many women today shun power, believing that it’s a negative thing as we’ve seen it be so abused. But the truth is this: You simply cannot have the career you love, working with people you respect, towards outcomes that make you feel proud and valuable in the world if you aren’t powerful. We all need access to more positive power (both internally and externally) to become the person and professional we want to be.

These four confidence-building sessions will help you become more powerful in how you see yourself, communicate, and operate, opening new doorways for more thrilling work that makes the difference you long to make.

For more information on the 7 Damaging Power Gaps That Keep Professional Women From Thriving, and to register, visit Close Your Power Gaps.


* To learn more about working with Kathy in a private program, please complete Kathy’s coaching application and her team will get back to you asap with next steps.

**Please note that there are no refunds for unused sessions, and you may use your registered sessions for up to 6 months from the start of your program.

For more information about additional private and group coaching programs from Kathy that help you build your thought leadership, power up your LinkedIn presence, evaluate best next steps, manage and communicate more effectively, negotiate for a raise or promotion and more, please review Kathy’s Coaching Page and complete the application




Amazing Career™ Certification for Coaches (17-week training program)

brave-up-life-mastery-program-12Are you a new or seasoned professional coach wishing to step up — and power up — your coaching practice and the ways in which you serve your ideal clients?  Leverage the power of career breakthrough to catapult your clients (and YOUR business) to new heights.

Join Kathy in her a new Amazing Career™ Certification program that trains career coaches who work with professional women in her proprietary Amazing Career model for change.

Here’s what recent members have said about working with Kathy in this program:


This hands-on, online training and certification program teaches you how to use Kathy’s proven, proprietary 16-week Amazing Career Project video series that will guide your clients to: 1) identify the right career direction, 2) clear the pathway of internal and external blocks to achieve greater success and reward, and 3) “find brave” to take the necessary steps to successfully monetize and leverage their passions, talents and abilities to reach their highest, most thrilling potential.

You’ll learn how to help clients “dig deep, discover their right work, and illuminate the world with it,” and become licensed (after successful completion of the certification) to use Kathy’s Amazing Career Project video training in your practice. Based on her work with over 13,000 women in 13 years, and drawing on her corporate experience, her years as a family therapist, her training in energy healing, spiritual development, entrepreneurial and business growth, and in her work as a top writer and media source on women’s careers, Kathy offers a very special training like no other available on the market. You’ll be part of selective global group that’s offered a brand new way to coach for more depth, move your clients forward, and build your business to the next level while supporting your clients with a proven program to help them thrive. Learn more about Kathy’s new certification program and sign up to be notified when registration opens!


Professional Success Skills Training Teleclass Series (12-part teleclass series)

brave-up-life-mastery-program-10Wish you had all the training and skills you need to thrive in your professional endeavors? Whether it’s negotiating powerfully, public speaking, marketing yourself and your endeavors effectively, power networking, balancing life and work, or exploring launching your own venture – this 12-part career skills teleclass series offers you vitally important professional success training (the same that Kathy offers Fortune 100 companies) that you need to bring your career to the highest level possible.  Learn the skills you need today.



For Organizations – Career Success/Leadership Training For Emerging Women Leaders

brave-up-life-mastery-program-11For organizations committed to supporting the advancement of women in their workforce, Kathy offers a powerful training/workshop series at your organization covering the most critical topics in women’s Leadership and Career Success today. Drawing on her Forbes work, research and interviews with global movers and shakers, and her consulting and leadership training with over 15,000 professional women (including Fortune 100 emerging women leaders) around the globe, Kathy’s programs inspire, enliven and educate women on new, effective strategies for achieving their highest potential. Support the women in your workforce today.

For more information about any of the above programs or Kathy’s keynotes and workshops and personal growth programs, contact Kathy’s team at  and visit her Speaking page.