Uncategorized My 52 Mistakes – Mistake #2 – Believing The Myth “Build It and They Will Come” Written by: Kathy Caprino

Hi Friends –

Just vlogged about my Mistake #2 – Believing the Myth of “Build It and They Will Come.”  Here’s the post.

I’d LOVE to hear your comments, insights, and lessons learned.  Has a “Build It and They Will Come” approach worked for you? If not, why not and what’d you learn?

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2 thoughts on “My 52 Mistakes – Mistake #2 – Believing The Myth “Build It and They Will Come””

  1. Hi Kathy,

    What you describe reflects my own experience. Holding the intention of your vision is very important, but that’s not enough.

    The four key steps you outlined were very helpful:
    1) Step back
    2) Let go
    3) Say yes
    4) Take aligned action.

    I am reminded of the joke about the guy who prayed to God every night that he should win the lottery. After months of praying with no results, he went to a mountain top and yelled to the heavens that praying was worthless. To his surprise, a booming voice came down from the heavens saying, “Do me a favor and buy a lottery ticket.”

  2. Thanks, Jesse! Appreciate your comments and glad to know the post resonated. And YES! we have to buy the ticket, don’t we! Love that story. Thanks for sharing.

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