Prosperity Marketing Coaching - Kathy Caprino
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Prosperity Marketing Coaching

You’re a talented professional woman longing to take your small business, ideas, or coaching/consulting practice to the next level BUT… Do you have the marketing knowledge and support you need to make your business and creative ideas a success?

Let Kathy support you in this powerful marketing coaching program that will help you expand your influence, and build passion and profits doing what you love!

Prosperity Marketing Coaching
Generate More Profit and Passion Doing Work You Love

Marketing Coaching Program for
Women Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Coaches,
Consultants and Writers


  • Are you transitioning to the coaching field but needing some support?
  • Do you have a private practice that you want to take to the next level?
  • Do you have trouble communicating exactly what you’re great at, and lose business because of it?
  • Do you need help monetizing your content?
  • Do you have book and workshop ideas and need help making them a reality?
  • Are you committed to becoming more financially successful and effective doing what you love?


Join Kathy in a tailored coaching program that guides you through the most vital marketing steps to taking your small business and creative endeavors to a next level – to amazing success.

Each step involves gaining a new, empowered “Mindset” that will help you see your business and creative endeavors in new and exciting ways, and help you overcome your current challenges.

Your breakthrough is here!

Literally everything you do as a business owner is “marketing.” Don’t be afraid to embrace your inner marketer – it’s truly the difference between great success and disappointing failure in today’s market.

What You’ll Learn In This Coaching Program:

Designed especially for female small business owners, consultants, coaches, entrepreneurs and writers who are committed to moving forward with their businesses and ideas, this powerful, tailored coaching program teaches the FIVE vitally important marketing steps to communicating your unique value, marketing yourself powerfully, taking fruitful marketing action on your ideas and your business, creating a powerful long-term vision and plan, and developing the partnerships you need to make your endeavors successful.

Kathy will share insider information on the key steps to help you:

  • Get Clear! – Determine your unique value, mission, and core competitive advantage and the right business model to generate the revenue you need and want
  • Get Writing! – Use your creative ideas and know-how to expand your platform and community
  • Get Speaking! – Share your wisdom, skills and talents with your community to build customers and clients
  • Get Collaborating! – Create partnerships and collaborations with other like-minded professionals who are mutually supportive
  • Get Envisioning! – Develop a “just-right” vision and create a concrete S.M.A.R.T plan for your business that will guide you to long-term fulfillment, success, and joy

Questions Kathy will answer:

  • What do I need to do first, to begin marketing my new coaching/consulting business
  • I have a great idea for an educational program for my clients – what do I do to move forward with it?
  • How to I get my writing out there in a bigger way?
  • Where do I find “ambassadors” for my work who will help me spread the word?
  • How do I figure out how my work differs from the competition – do I need to?
  • What can I do on social media like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to build my thought leadership?
  • How do I create programs, teleclasses, workshops and other materials that monetize my thought leadership?

Over the course of this program, you’ll learn insider strategies for becoming a:

  • Recognized expert in your field
  • More powerful speaker, consultant, and seminar leader
  • Stronger collaborator
  • More successful marketer, so your services ring with “gotta have” quality so client and customers clamor for your services and products

In 10, private one-on-one sessions, you’ll learn critical information and strategies to help you monetize your content, build a more sustainable business model, and expand your influence through real-world insights that will help you bypass costly and time-consuming marketing mistakes that many entrepreneurs, consultants, writers and speakers make. Coachees will gain concrete “to-dos” and a renewed energy and proven roadmap for taking your small business to the next level of success, fulfillment and joy.

JOIN KATHY for an eye-opening and enlivening coaching program that will change how you do business.

About the coach:

Kathy Caprino, M.A. – Founder of Ellia Communications and the Amazing Career Project, the Amazing Career Coach Certification, and author of Breakdown, Breakthrough – brings to her clients 18 years of senior corporate marketing experience in direct marketing, market research, product development and product management from the publishing and membership services industries. She also brings expertise and knowledge gained through her success as an acclaimed author, nationally-recognized women’s career and personal success coach and consultant, speaker, blogger for Forbes, Huffington Post, LinkedIn and AARP Work Reimagined, and small business owner. A CT winner of the 2008 “Micro to Millions” award from the Make Mine a Million Dollar Business Program of Count Me In, Kathy knows what it takes to bring a small business to the national forefront.

In her long-time marketing career, Kathy has helped:

  • Fading businesses revitalize – turning them around to achieve millions of dollars in new revenue and clients
  • Small businesses launch profitable new products and services — in their core niche and new business areas
  • Consultants plan and implement new online marketing and digital strategies — that generate profitable and aligned new members, customers, partners, and clients
  • Authors, coaches, and writers develop successful workshops and seminars — to expand their platform and generate more money
  • Executive women understand their true value and purpose — to market themselves more powerfully and align their career with their purpose

A successful published author and known national leader in women’s career issues today, she is a top media source and has appeared in over 100 leading newspapers and magazines, and on national TV. In the past 12 years, Kathy has delivered hundreds of successful workshops and seminars – her own events and as a paid speaker for large national organizations – learning what’s involved in creating and launching successful seminars, selling books, and launching business endeavors that create enduring success.

Prosperity Marketing Coaching Package:

$4,950 covering ten, 45-minute phone sessions plus email and phone support over a period of three to four months.

BEST VALUE (Upfront payment – $4950)


MOST FLEXIBLE (10 monthly payments of $525)



To explore working with Kathy in her Prosperity Marketing program, please contact Kathy.