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Rise Up, Speak Up and Stand Up BOLDLY For Yourself, and Transform Your Life

Do you:

  • Long to do so much more in your life and work, but struggle to make it happen?
  • Believe you have so much to say and contribute, but need more confidence, power and authority to say it?
  • Have interpersonal and relationship challenges that keep repeating, that you want to heal?
  • Long to parent, manage and lead in more inspiring, loving and positive ways, but don’t know how?
  • Crave more happiness, peace and well-being but your constant striving prevents it?
  • Finally, are you ready to live a braver life, and make your mark on the world in a meaningful, purposeful and positive way?
If so, this is the program for you.

My 13 years of research with over 15,000 clients, course members and students has revealed this:

Thousands upon thousands of people are simply not brave enough yet to honor their true selves. 


Watch Kathy’s TEDx talk “Time to Brave Up” for more:

Women and men by the millions haven’t yet mustered the necessary courage, passion, confidence, commitment and perseverance to rise up, speak up and stand up boldly for themselves, and shift what needs to change in their lives and in the world around them to create more happiness, well-being, success and satisfaction in their lives.

The result? Pain, disillusionment, betrayal, sadness, and isolation, and failing to create a satisfying, joyful and meaningful life that aligns with their positive core values and beliefs.

Join me is this life-changing program that will teach you the 10 essential ways to rise up, speak up and stand up for yourself, heal your wounds, and reach your highest potential. Drawing on my leadership experience in the corporate arena, my training a a therapist, coach and energy healer, and extensive research and work with over 15,000 professional women in 13 years, I am excited to bring to our work together everything I’ve learned from my 30-year career to our coaching partnership, to help you heal, grow, thrive and shine.

Over the course of this program, we’ll meet together in ten (10), private, online 45-minute calls to help you find: 

Brave Sight
See yourself as you truly are – amazing, talented, gifted and important to the world.

Brave Speak 
Speak up and communicate bravely, confidently and authoritatively to share the real truth of what you think, feel and believe.

Brave Ask 
Identify the biggest, most important goals for your life that will make you feel alive, vibrant, and impactful, and start asking boldly and confidently for what you want, deserve, and desire.

Brave Connection
Stop networking and start truly connecting, from your spirit and your soul, to find inspiring role models, mentors, and supporters who will help you become a braver version of yourself, and make a true difference in your life and work.

Brave Service
Honor and leverage the fantastic talents and gifts you possess, and start using them in great service to others.

Brave Boundaries
Learn how to protect yourself, your dreams and your soul with fierce commitment and strong, well-developed, healthy boundaries.

Brave Healing
Life hurts (sometimes a lot), and can injure us badly. Every one of us has experienced some degree of trauma, pain, suffering, sadness, isolation and self-rejections. What can we do about it? We can learn how to heal ourselves through new steps, expansive mindsets, and powerfully helpful practices, commitments — and helpers — than will transform our lives.

Brave Stretch
Humans are happiest and most fulfilled when they are growing towards their highest potential. But that requires seeking and stretching, every day, and embracing (and getting much more comfortable with) fear and risk. Identify how you’ve trapped yourself in a little box that is limiting you, and learn how to stretch bravely towards what you desire in ways that will satisfy you.

Brave Challenge
Women so often fail to bravely challenge the status quo. They fail to say “no” publicly and privately to what is intolerable and unacceptable. They fail to do what’s necessary to risk, and say what needs to be said, with power and authority. Learn how to challenge what isn’t working, with clarity, authority, and power.

Brave Love
We all deeply desire love — to be honored, cherished, respected and nurtured (at both work and home), and to give abundant love in return. But to be loved and share love, we have to love ourselves without fail, with bravery, acceptance and forgiveness. And we need to heal and transform that which is unloving and unrelenting. Learn how to love yourself more bravely by exposing and exploring what’s hidden, secret, and “shameful,” and say “no” to behavior and treatment that tears down love.

Note: Private coaching spots for Kathy’s Finding BraveLife Mastery program are very limited. 

For more information, read Kathy’s Forbes post Finding Brave, watch her TEDx talk “Time to Brave Up,” and complete Kathy’s application.