911 Research* - Kathy Caprino
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911 Research*

Call for Participation!
National Research Study with 9/11 Survivors

Mike Jaffe (www.jaffelifedesign.com) and Kathy Caprino (www.kathycaprino.com) are currently conducting a national research study about life-altering events experienced by 9/11 survivors who, through “random” acts of fate, narrowly escaped the 9/11 attacks and have been changed because of it.

In this study, we’re focusing on individuals who consider their direct experience and narrow escape on 9/11 a true “wake up call” and have made significant changes in life and work because of it.

We are exploring vital findings from a wide range of experiences (emotional, behavioral, cultural, and spiritual) that will add to our understanding of what contributes to and maintains powerful life change, and how our intuitive selves are often more involved than we realize in shaping our lives.

For those who fit the criteria and would like to participate, or for more information, please see www.lifelessonsfrom911survivors.com.

Thank you for sharing your inspirational and courageous stories!

Please forward this to anyone you know who may be interested. Thank you!