Time to Shine - Kathy Caprino
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Time to Shine

Hello, my friends:

I’ve written and produced this short video “Time to Shine” (with my wonderful marketing partner Jayme Johnson) to offer what I’ve come to believe is the single most important message I can share:

…That it’s YOUR time to shine in the world.

After spending 18 years in a corporate life that made me sick and sad, I awakened to the realization that our lives on this planet are very short and precious, and we can’t waste them. My friend Lillian, who left the planet too soon, taught me that, but it took me years to understand.

I hope this video helps you remember that you are amazing, talented, and truly gifted, and moves you on the path to using your gifts in service to others, in ways that make you feel joyful and valuable.

The world needs you and your gifts.

With all my love,
Kathy Caprino